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No spreadsheet tells you when you’re being an ass

My wife calls one of the biggest investment firms to ask about rolling over her 401k. She asks a bunch of questions — but doesn’t give her name or phone number. She didn’t fill out any forms.

And then we start getting phone calls from a high-pressure salesman.

There is an official program at this company to harvest callers’ phone numbers from caller ID and turn them over to the sales team. ICK.

Somewhere there is spreadsheet that says that this is a good idea. It reports on sales conversions and total revenue from this tactic.

But it doesn’t track how many people vow to never do business with them ever again.

Because no spreadsheet tells you when you’re being an ass.

Who is in charge of making sure your company isn’t being sleazy? Who tells you when you’re doing the wrong thing, even when it’s profitable? Whose job is it to draw the line and hold the line?

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