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Prediction: Short-sighted greed kills United Airlines

United just announced that they are charging passengers $25 to check a second bag. This is supposed to make them $100 million this year. 

It will also infuriate 4 million customers.  If 10% of those customer switch airlines – and they will – United loses $100 million this year. Plus they lose all future revenue from those customers.   

United already makes you pay extra to sit in the front of the plane.  They will fly the plane with 15 empty rows to enforce this policy. They make millions of dollars doing this.  But …

You should see the anger of fully-paid ticket holders being blackmailed at check-in for another $25 to get a good seat, even when they booked tickets months ago. You should feel the waves of fury from dozens of people in middle seats in the back of plane while the front flies empty. You should feel the embarrassment of flight attendants who are put in the horrible position of enforcing this policy. 

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