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PR News Webinar Mar 31

I’m pleased to be joining Ogilvy’s Virginia Miracle and Golin-Harris’s Idil Cakim on my second webinar for PR News.

Here are the details:

Now more than ever, knowing how to engage your customers and foster
brand enthusiasts is what will separate your organization from your
competitors. Recognizing that word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful and
cost-effective tool in your communications arsenal, PR News has
designed a nuts and bolts workshop to help you build your reputation
and bottom line through savvy Word of Mouth strategies.


of mouth is such a commonly used phrase, but the truth is, very few
companies are effectively using this tactic to advance their standing
in the marketplace. Spend 90 minutes at this March 31st Webinar and
you’ll see how Word of Mouth will work for you.


At this
Webinar, you’ll get case studies of companies using word of mouth
marketing to boost reputation, media exposure and sales, and you’ll
learn how to:



  • Identify the Influencers in your markets

  • Create and maintain customer evangelists

  • Execute effective viral marketing communications

  • Implement online vs. offline word of mouth tactics

  • Use online conversations to spread your company’s message

  • Use social networks to your advantage

  • Set up online communities, loyalty programs, blogs and other WOM techniques

  • Learn the 5 steps of a good viral campaign — Talkers, Topics, Tools, Talking Parts and Tracking

  • Boost sales through Word of Mouth PR and marketing

  • Make PR lead the conversation with customers and other stakeholders

  • Measure your word of mouth techniques

  • Choose the best low-cost tools for tracking Word of Mouth


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