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Recruit or Die

There’s an interesting new book called "Recruit or Die" by Chris Resto, Ian Ybarra, Ramit Sethi about how certain companies have a huge competitive advantage by mastering the college recruiting process. An interesting excerpt:

Four keys to the recruiting power of companies like McKinsey, Microsoft and Goldman Sachs:

1. They won’t settle for anyone other than exactly the recruits they want. They’d rather leave a job open than hire the wrong person.

2. They work harder and smarter than their competitors to know their target audience: the recruits. They know campus buzz, how the sports teams are doing, what’s important to the students.

3. They sell themselves better than their competitors do. They have trained recruiters who know how to sell to potential hires, and take it as seriously as any other sales specialty.

4. They present a united front. Recruits don’t see a bunch of infighting or unorganized departments. They see a company that wants them.


Podcast with author Chris Resto via Harvard Business Review

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