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Secret BBQ?

Can anyone in Toronto verify this?  True or not, it’s the ultimate in word of mouth.

From the Chowhound foodie message board:

Word of Mouth Ribs-by referral only!

tasted some celestial (out of this galaxy) spare ribs at a poker night
a few Saturdays ago up in Don Mills and I’d like to find out how to
order for myself. The poker host is not being forthcoming with a
telephone number but did mention the name "Word of Mouth Ribs".
they deliver only on Saturdays and require a referral by one of their
other customers to get service. Really mysterious way to run a business !
They’re local in the Don Mills area. The sauce was  simply "THE BEST" !

Can someone else refer me or tell me any other information about this ribmaker….??

I am happy to take suggestions for any and all BBQ-related topics.

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