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What’s the difference between a $5000 consultant and a $10000 consultant?


Get it?  Most consultants don’t. 

Double your price and you’ll double your sales. 

Why? Companies want to hire the expert. They want the best. Nobody wants the affordable guy. If you charge too little, there’s no way you can be that good.  ("Why would we trust a consultant that only charges $5000? If he was any good, he’s cost MUCH more." or "Wow – he gets $20,000. He must be great.")

Example 2: I share a garage with my neighbor.  My Toyota is EXACTLY the same as their Lexus.  You don’t realize it until you park them side-by-side every day.  Why do people buy a Lexus?  Because it must be better if it costs more.

(This post will change the life of the 1% of freelance consultants who listen.)

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