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Spend a little extra on a great monitor

Office ergonomics are a big deal.  A comfortable, clean setting really ramps up productivity.

The single best place to spend money is on a great monitor.  You spend 10 hours a day looking at it – get something good.  You can get a great monitor for under $300.  $1 a day is worth it for less back pain, eye strain, and more workspace. I just bought a Dell SP2208WFP monitor.  Looks great with my M1330 laptop.

It makes my life a little easier – and a lot less cluttered.  With the really high resolution you can see multiple programs without flipping between them.  Better than that, it has a webcam and USB hub built in, so all the extra wires on my desk just went away. Feeling very clean and organized right now.

Treat yourself to a clean, focused workspace.

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