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Thank you for the thank you

The Makers Mark Ambassador Program is the greatest customer evangelism campaign ever created.

500,000 people are out there every day advertising this brand – for free – because they love it.  Because they have some fun, they’re treated well, and no one ever tries to sell them instead of support them. I talk about it extensively in my book and every speech. 

Today is my third anniversary as an ambassador.  They sent a thank-you note. Not the typical thank-you-here’s-a-special-offer or a thank-you-as-an-excuse-to-sell-you-something that most companies do.  Just thanks.

Greetings, fellow Ambassador!

I’d like to personally thank you for another year of
being an official Maker’s Mark Ambassador.

You’ve toiled endlessly to bring Maker’s Mark to the
masses. You’ve worked ceaselessly to build awareness. You’ve unselfishly helped
people who were "Maker’s challenged" and introduced them to a
premium, handmade bourbon.

It’s because of people like you that our favorite bourbon
just keeps growing and growing.

Thanks again for another year of your help! We really
appreciate it!

Bill Samuels, Jr.
Maker’s Mark Distillery, Inc.

I’ll raise a glass to Maker’s Mark CEO Bill Samuels, Emily-who-never-shares-her-last-name, and Todd Spencer at Doe-Anderson.



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