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The best possible org chart

We’re big fans if the Inverted Org Chart.

Most companies show the CEO standing on top of management, who stand on the backs of the staff. Wrong message. The purpose of a company is NOT to support the executives.

Our org chart looks like this:

  1. We all support our customers. 
  2. All staff supports the front-line teams.
  3. Internal departments support customer-facing teams.
  4. Management is at the bottom, supporting staff.
  5. The CEO is at the bottom, serving everyone else.
More on this idea: 1 2
P.S. Yes, we have custom LEGOS of ourselves.

A Better Org Chart

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  1. Rodney Robinson October 14, 2014 at 11:45 am #

    Excellent point, Andy. The only way for companies to truly have their employees’ and customers’ best interests in mind is to adopt and inverted org chart and system. I love your key point: We all support our customers! and Management supports staff. I recently went to a craft store and noticed how angry the manager was to have to support from behind the checkout line. That communicates the wrong message about supporting your team and customers. Thanks for posting, Andy.

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