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The future of shopping: Amazon Remembers

Amazon Remembers is an astonishing tool. It's buried inside the Amazon iPhone app.

  1. You take a picture of something. Hit submit.
  2. Amazon figures out what it is.
  3. You get a link to the product page on Amazon.

I tested it on the most boring product I could find: A bottle of water. Five minutes later:

Dear Customer,


The Amazon Remembers service has found a product similar to the photo you recently submitted.

You may view the result from your mobile device here: Amazon Remembers B000C4EEC4

If you prefer, you may view the result from your web browser. The result has also been posted to your home page and Your Lists (link available at the top right of any page on the site).

Thank you for using Amazon Remembers.

Retailers: What will you do when your customer can instantly find the real price and customer reviews of everything you sell?


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