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Trade show idea: It’s about what happens after the show

IMG_0116 IMG_0115 It's hard to get attention at a trade show. Lots of noise, lots of competition.

It is more important to get permission to contact them after the event. Then you can talk, sell, and connect when the prospect is actually paying attention.

Do something in your booth that is designed to get that permission.  Get them on a newsletter, offer to send them something, schedule a call.

At the Restaurant Show, I got this free shirt for signing up for an email list. When they follow up with me, I'll know what the topic is and I'll be ready to listen.

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  1. Ricky Lopez June 27, 2009 at 10:09 am #

    Totally agree, especially with the level of investment required to participate and set up booth and resources for these trade shows. In times where ROI and Penny-Pinching are critical, it is absurd to still see companies dumping tons of monies into shows and events where not appropriate follow through process are in place. What a waste of resources and poor salesmanship!
    We need to move from setting a nice booth and nice looking girls/personalities and free stuff, to a customer relationship building platform. That which uses and focuses these events as stepping stones into prospecting and/or further developing stronger customer business. Only that way, you can truly expect real payback to your investment.

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