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The king of personal branding

CIMG2730 Scott Ginsberg has been wearing a nametag for 3010 days.  For real.

He has turned the nametag stunt into a metaphor for personal approachability, which has great benefits for marketing, front-line workers, and customer service.  He’s turned out a series of great books and seminars around that theme.

Why does Scott have a great business, national fame, and a huge fan club?

imageBecause a brand is something you need to commit to. You invest in it, you build it, and over time, people know you as that guy.  Scott is the guy with the name tag. I am the word of mouth marketing guy.  It took 5 years of being nothing else but that guy to earn that brand.

And when you’re that guy people call you and buy from you first.

Lesson: Focus, consistency, and commitment build a brand.

Read Scott’s blog.

Here’s a conversation we had last year.

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