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Use the news: The Blago Burger


If you want word of mouth, look to the headlines to create something buzzworthy.  Do it monthly, and you'll keep customers paying attention to see what you'll come up with next time.

Kuma's Corner restaurant in Chicago created a Blago Burger. From The Chicagoist:

Their January special is the "#@(*&%^ Blagojevich." This gubernatorial-inspired monstrosity is made with a 10 oz. hamburger patty, thick sliced bologna and yellow mustard between two grilled cheese sandwiches (made with American cheese and wonder bread). When the burger comes out, one of the sandwiches has a large dollar sign written in mustard. The cost of this beast: $10, but Kuma's is "negotiable."

Read more (photo from The Chicagoist, too.)

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