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The Luggage Tag Trick Exposed!

For years I’ve been sending a very unusual kind of thank-you to people I meet.

I take their business card, turn it into a luggage tag, and mail it back to them. I’ve probably sent 5,000 of these over the years. 

image     image

It’s a nice surprise for recipients, a way to reconnect and extend a brief meeting, a decent "thanks", and a useful thing. 

Best of all, it’s an instant word of mouth starter. People talk about the tag, my book, and how surprised they were to get it.  More important, it helps with "slow WOM" — word of mouth that lasts for years.  You may not have a need to talk about me today, but that tag will remind you (and start conversations) month after month.

Clayton Closson of QuickenLoans wrote a great post talking about his experience with the tag and provided the photos. Thanks!

I send the luggage tags in a cute greeting card, provided my my friends at Thanks!

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