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Working with bloggers instead of creating your own

image J.C. Penney wanted to draw traffic to their site for fall shopping.  Blogs are perfect for this … but they didn’t have an experienced blog team.  Instead, they worked with Federated Media, a network of independent bloggers, to create a new site that reprinted the blogs’ content.

Results were fantastic: They now show up in the top 10 search results for "fall shopping."  Presumably the bloggers are thrilled, too, with all the extra traffic.

Abbey Klaassen wrote a great case study about this in Ad Age (read it here).

My quote from the article:  "From a marketer’s perspective, it’s hard to write good stuff all the time and have a diversity of voices. When you can find like-minded folks who create a rich conversation, you get a much more appealing product."

Lesson 1:  Blogs are amazing tools to generate traffic from search engines.

Lesson 2:  Blogging is a cooperative community.  Lots of people will help you out.

Here’s the site:


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