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There is always something you can do

Feeling down, stressed, broke, or hopeless?  Do something.

If you’re under-worked right now, you have the freedom to start something amazing that will help you today, and help you kick butt when good times return.

In this Seth Godin classic, he gives advice to real estate brokers, but it applies to everyone.  One simple newsletter can change your business forever. More importantly, it is something you can do, today, to get more customers and more word of mouth—without spending any money.

What should not-so-busy real estate brokers do?

Why not start a local newspaper?

Here's how I would do it. Assume you've got six people in your office. Each person is responsible to do two things each day:

  • Interview a local business, a local student or a local political activist. You can do it by phone, it can be very short and it might take you ten minutes.
  • Get 20 households to 'subscribe' by giving you their email address and asking for a free subscription. You can use direct contact or flyers or speeches to get your list.

Twice a week, send out the 'newspaper' by email. After one week, it will have more than 500 subscribers and contain more than 20 interesting short articles or quotes about people in the neighborhood. Within a month, (if it's any good) every single person in town who matters will be reading it and forwarding it along to others.

It will cost you nothing. It will become your gift to the community. And it will be a long lasting asset that belongs to you, not to the competition. (And yes, you can do this if you're a plumber or a chiropractor. And yes, you can do this if 'local' isn't geographic for you, but vertical).

Read the original post here.

When I met Seth (in 1994), he was talking about the power of a simple email newsletter to change your life. I took his advice, and my career was never the same.

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