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Turn a traditional ad campaign into a social media campaign

starbucks Everyone is telling us to add social media stuff to our web sites (including me).  Video, share-this links, comments, and a dozen other things.  If you keep it simple, you can do it well.

I really like this page that Starbucks is using to launch their new instant coffee.

On a single page they have

  1. Video
  2. Social media links
  3. Twitter comments
  4. Photo gallery
  5. User comments
  6. Facebook links

They could have done an incredibly expensive, super-flashy micro site (and they have, elsewhere) — but there’s nothing on this page that you couldn’t do yourself, with zero budget.

My guess is that this page is incredibly viral and is causing a lot of word of mouth. 

This sort of page should be a standard part of every ad campaign.

Every advertiser should copy this page, stick your TV spots on it, and let people share.

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