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Turn your customers into a family

image Anthony and Jon own the B.Good burger joints in Boston. They do an amazing job of encouraging customers to connect with them — by thinking of everyone as part of their family. Just look at the language at the sign-up form for their newsletter.

We’ve got love to give.

So, we started a family. And we want you to join.

Like good kin, we’ll write every month and send along nice, little gifts (special ones on your birthday and the holidays). And we’ll hold lots of weird contests so you can win plenty of house-ground burgers.

Yes, it’s a strange way to show love for the customers who care about us. But, it’s the only way we’ve ever taken care of our own.

So, if you want to be loved like family, join ours by putting your email in the box below.

Sounds a little different than “Get Our Deals of The Week.”

They put out a calendar with a deal of the month (a great way to get your ad displayed in someone’s home for 12 months) — but the best part is the calendar models: Members of the family, of course.

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