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Ty Inc.: Are you evil, selfish, or stupid?

imageHere’s a company walking right into a word of mouth disaster.  From the Chicago Tribune:

Ty Inc. refuses Illinois’ request to pull lead-tainted doll from stores

In what could trigger the first test of Illinois’ strict law against lead in toys, a major toymaker is refusing to pull a popular, but tainted, doll from store shelves across the state.

Illinois authorities thought they had reached an amicable agreement late last year with Ty Inc. to have the company voluntarily remove its Jammin’ Jenna dolls from retailers because the toys contained high amounts of lead.

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We’ve see plenty of toy companies caught up in the lead paint scandal handling it with varying degrees of skill, but always with honor and responsibility.  Ty’s behavior is despicable.

My guess is that some lawyer at Ty Inc. thinks it’s better to poison children than admit fault. This isn’t going to end well.

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Update: It looks like they are now responding to pressure and removing the toys. But that doesn’t change the fact that Ty was willing to use a legal loophole to sell tainted toys to children. What kind of toy company has ethics so poor that it would let this happen? 

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