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Squidnote: Viral tool using smart viral strategies

SquidNote is a cool ecard site.  Instead of sending a single ecard, you can forward it to a bunch of people who can all sign it electronically. Think about those office get-well cards – instead of doing on paper, you just send it around and everyone adds their bit.  See it here.

What I really like is how they have promoted themselves.

Squid1. Celebrity cards
SquidNote has been inviting people to sign greeting cards to Conan O’Brien, blogger Om Malik, etc.  It creates instant conversation, celeb appeal, wide-spread participation, and fun.

2. Getting the basics right
Most important is doing the simple word of mouth things right. Most of my book is about this – all those things that you can do to generate word of mouth without spending any money. SquidNote nails one of the big ones:

  • Testimonials on the home page
  • ASKING for testimonials (and making it easy)

(Disclosure: A co-founder is my brother-in-law Bob Ralian. And these guys are from Milwaukee, like me, which makes us much cooler than you. Or at least better bowlers.)

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