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Upcoming free calls: Corporate social media case studies from Molson, US Coast Guard, and Allstate

Get a recap of presentations from BlogWell Chicago: How Big Companies Use Social Media, in a "Best of BlogWell" series of conference calls:

U.S. Coast Guard — Feb 17, 2 PM (EST): "Always Ready… and Online: How the U.S. Coast Guard Puts Social Media to Work." We'll discuss how the Coast Guard:

  • Improves public safety through social media
  • Uses social media both internally and externally
  • Develops relationships with military bloggers

Molson — March 3, 2 PM (EST): "Molson and Social Media: Exploring, Innovating, Communicating." We'll discuss how Molson:

  • Participates in Facebook
  • Manages its "Molson Insider" network of fans
  • Builds their corporate reputation on Twitter

Allstate — March 17, 2 PM (EST): "Getting Started in Social Media Without Freaking Out Legal, Leadership or Liability Teams In Your Organization." We'll discuss how to:

  • Position social media in legal terms
  • Educate and sell to leadership
  • Position the benefits of social media to folks unfamiliar with it

Learn more and register: GasPedal Events

About the series: Best of BlogWell is a series of conference calls recapping the corporate social media case study presentations from January 22, 2009's BlogWell in Chicago. They are free, to the point, and provide a chance for you to ask questions to some of the world's biggest brands on their use of social media.

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