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Video: How Costco creates topics that drive long-term word of mouth

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Have you seen the latest Costco commercial? No? That’s because they don’t exist — Costco runs on a business model that is fueled by word of mouth.

Usually when people think of Costco they think of buying in bulk — but after a while, that becomes old news and customers need a new reason to talk. That’s where wedding gowns, a $3,000 toilet, caskets, and mortgages come in — it’s all about the unexpected surprises while shopping that spark conversation about the store.

In the video below, Costco Senior Director of Corporate Marketing Robin Ross shares how they create a million little topics that continue to drive their long-term word of mouth and brand reputation. He talks about how they focus on building a unique customer shopping experience and the steps they’re taking to influence what’s being said about their brand on a daily basis.

In the video, Robin covers:

  • How to create fresh word of mouth topics to keep your customers talking
  • How to leverage social media to spread the word to customers
  • How to surprise and delight your regular members

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