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How Outback Steakhouse enables super fans to spark amazing word of mouth

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If you empower your customers to do something great, they’ll be excited and proud to take action for your brand.

As Dan Holm and Ken Bott of Outback Steakhouse explain, that’s exactly what happened with Dave — one of Outback’s super fans. According to Dan and Ken, every single customer interaction counts, which is how they snagged a great talker from a simple tweet and eight months of relationship building. They talk about what amazing things followed when they decided to surprise Dave on his 40th birthday with 40 Outback gift cards.

In their presentation, Ken and Dan also explain:

  • How they got a signed picture from Jack Hanna
  • Why they’re not afraid to send 40 gift cards to super fans
  • Why no automated tool can do this job

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