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When helping is also good business

Backing up your computer is a pain, and most of us skip it. But sometimes — like when you’re getting called up to the armed forces — it’s extra important. 

One of the best ways to back up is to use a cloud-based service to upload your files. The problem is that it can take weeks for the initial backup to finish (it’s really fast after that).

So CrashPlan, my favorite service, will send you a hard drive that you can load with files, and they’ll put it in the cloud for you, for an extra fee. 

Here’s why I’m writing this post: They’ll waive the fee for people serving in the armed services overseas, who often need it in a hurry.

It’s a nice gesture, because they give something meaningful to people who need a hand. But it’s also a solid business practice that is sustainable, because it brings in new paying customers.  

Plus the big bonus — all the business they’ll get from friends and family of those who hear about it through word of mouth. And the military is one big, connected word of mouth network.

Ask yourself: What can you offer that helps a group that needs it, but also grows your business?


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