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Wasn’t expecting that …

Bonus happy points to Verizon and UPS for two great customer service moments in the same day.

#1) I called Verizon to ask if I would have to pay roaming in Puerto Rico. I got a decent answer.  Then …much to my surprise… the operator called me back to clarify what she told me and make sure I understood.  I was floored.

#2) UPS missed a pickup, I called to complain, and asked for a supervisor.  They told me a supervisor would "call me within an hour."  Didn’t believe them.  The supervisor, Mike, called me right back, as promised, took care of the problem, and followed up with 2 more messages to make sure everything was ok.

I wish I got their names so I could thank them properly.  I was so surprised by the good service that I forgot to ask. 

To all businesses, everywhere:  Do your people have the authority and initiative to make people happy?

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