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Welcome Back, Sucrets

We all have childhood memories of those metal Sucrets boxes.  Our treasured collections, mom’s sewing supplies, a home for pet bugs.

Those boxes were the essence of priceless, 75-year-old brand.  Irreplaceable.

So, inevitably, some moron (or committee) decided to switch to cheap-o plastic boxes. What an efficient want to kill word of mouth and brand loyalty!

Well, congratulations to Sucrets for getting your groove back – and your metal boxes.  I’m a customer again for the first time in years, and I expect that I’m not the only one.

Lesson 1: Your brand isn’t necessarily your product. It’s the product experience. Don’t mess it up.

Lesson 2: Old brands are part of our culture. They are also worth big cash. You can never hope for a deeper connection than that. If you’re lucky enough to own a classic, don’t let your 23-year-old brand manager screw up a 75-year old tradition. You can ruin an 75-year brand in one year, but it doesn’t work the other way.

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