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Word of Mouth Mailbag: Business Plan = Book

I’ve been sent a LOT of business plans. Thousands.  It’s hard to tell them apart, much less decide which one is worth reading.  Erik Lucas and Benjamin Heins got my attention twice for his new venture Coffee2.

Their startup is making a new coffee drink to compete with Starbucks.
I don’t know enough about the beverage industry to comment on their
idea.  But if they sure know how to get people’s attention and get word
of mouth, I expect great things.

The first time I opened my mail, there was a standard business plan … buried in 10 pounds of loose coffee beans. My office never smelled so good.

The second time, they did something really wild: They turned their business plan into a 337-page book: "From Beans to Bentleys: The Story of How Two Entrepreneurs Built a Remarkable Brand and Challenged the Starbucks Empire."

Ballsy? Yes! 

True story? If they pull it off.

Good book? Who cares?

Smart marketing? Absolutely.

Investors: Call Erik at 219-229-2888.



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