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We’re hiring Council Managers in Austin and Chicago

My company, GasPedal, and its brands, and, are growing fast. And we’re looking for talented, passionate people to join our team in Austin and Chicago for one of our most important roles: Council Manager.

This is an intensely interesting job:

Council Managers deliver our flagship product — an amazing community experience with deep conversations and strong personal relationships. They create a “nowhere else” experience and uphold our standards, while staying out of the spotlight. They provide everyday above-and-beyond customer service and support, while protecting the culture and standards of the community. They know enough about corporate social media to lead the conversation, while letting the members do the talking.

They love taking care of people, supporting them, and making sure they feel like they are in a safe space where they can share with trusted friends. There is an emotional commitment to this job, and Council Managers will build very close relationships with the members of our community. They have to be ready for a long-term commitment and ready to give 100%.

We’re passionate about the process and science of community management. We’re constantly refining, documenting, and scaling systems that allow us to keep delivering a quality experience as we grow.

If you know someone who would love doing work like this, send them our way: GasPedal Jobs.

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