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What are you doing that they’ll remember in 29 years?

imageSpend today thinking about what you can do that people will be talking about a generation from now.

Maybe it’s something heroic, such as the bravery and sacrifice of our military that we remember on this day.

Or maybe it’s something simple, fun, or meaningful — something that will make your friends say, “Remember when she …”

The band They Might Be Giants imageset up an answering machine in 1983 where you could dial in and listen to the free song of the day. (Kids … that’s like voicemail, but with a tape … tape is like a USB stick, but with a mile of magnetic ribbon … ahhh fuggedaboutit.)  Here’s a wiki with the story and all of the songs. Last week, someone just brought it up in conversation, and all of knew about it.

Get off the sofa and do something worth remembering.

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