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What does your motto say about you?

NucorHopefully, more than nothing.

Nucor is a great turn-around story in the steel industry. But their mission statement tells us nothing. They want to take care of their customers, while being the safest, highest quality, lowest cost and post profitable — while taking care of the environment and their community.

Admirable, but it violates two critical rules:

1. If you’re everything — you’re nothing. You can’t possibly be the best at all things. When you claim to do it all, you fail to give your team a specific goal to shoot for. You don’t give your fans a vision to rally around.

2. Generic is invisible. If your message could describe anyone else, then it says nothing about you. Here’s the test: Would it work as well if you stuck in your competitor’s name in place of yours?

Take a stand. Be specific. And choose an amazing vision that only your team can accomplish. Pick a single goal worth rallying around.

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