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When you go the extra mile

Big idea:  What if every employee could make one extra customer happy each day? How many referrals would you get?  Would it cost anything?

From MotiveQuest’s Tom O’Brien

On Friday afternoon I returned to the Hertz LAX location at 12:30 PM with 1 hour until my flight left. If I didn’t make the flight, I would be stuck at LAX for at least 6 hours. To make things worse, I was flying on United – which at LAX is the last of 9 stops that the Hertz bus makes. 

So I got out of the car and started sprinting toward the bus. Someone called out “Sir, Sir”. I turned around, thinking someone wanted to give me a receipt when a Hertz employee named Walter told me to get back in the car so he could drive me around to United. 

We had a nice chat and Walter told me that LAX has a policy of trying to help disabled people, families and those running really late (like me) get to the terminal quickly. 

Well, I made my plane and got home to see my family that night thanks to the initiative and efforts of Walter at LAX. This is a great example of one person going above and beyond the call of duty to help someone — and I definitely appreciate it. 

Please pass on my thanks to Walter and to his supervisor. 

Tom O’Brien
Hertz Fan Forevermore

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