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Word of Mouth Marketing Training Classes

Learn Word of Mouth Marketing in Just One Day

Master word of mouth, blogs, buzz, viral, and all those things that get people talking about you.

How’s this for a revolutionary idea: a seminar that gives you an honest-to-goodness strategies and an action plan that you can put to work the very next day.

The Word of Mouth Marketing Crash Course is designed to set you up with everything you need: The tools, resources, knowledge, and strategies that you can put to work the instant you get back to the office.

I got more fresh WOM ideas in one day than I have the entire year.” — Brent Shelton,

Easy to digest, comprehend, and translate to any service or product or any size organization. I honestly think this seminar is a must for any company.” — Jami Heldt, Yahoo!

Worth every penny.” — Deb Franke, Emerson Process Management

“This was fun. This course is a must-take for people looking to grow their business. It’s down to earth real world marketing ideas. You will have a lot of  ah ha! moments.” — Eric Rochow, Gardenfork

“I believe that the lessons that I learned will pay for the seminar 100 times over.” – Jamie Goren, Plastideco/Flexstyle

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