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Who is going to train you to survive the zombie revolution?

This gym. ZombieFit puts an insane spin on standard fitness classes:

What if you woke up tomorrow to find your city overridden with zombies, would you survive? This may seem childish, but by preparing for the impossible, you’ll be ready for the improbable.

The keys to surviving Z-day are simple: Be able to lift and throw heavy things, run fast and for long distances, and be able to navigate obstacles and urban environments in an efficient manner. By following the ZombieFit WODs (workout of the day) and practicing parkour, you will achieve increased fitness through the performance of functional movements at high intensity and find within yourself the internal discipline and mental fortitude necessary to become a traceur.

This is GOOD MARKETING. Differentiate. Be remarkable. Be worth talking about.

More about ZombieFit.

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