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Why did someone put this on the fridge?

CIMG2709Here’s how you get really great at word of mouth marketing: 

  • Pay attention to those moments when someone is making a recommendation.
  • Look for ways it could have been more effective. 

Example: Someone in my office put this Lowe’s coupon on the fridge. I immediately started asking myself about the motivation and process of that recommendation.

1. Why did they do it? 

2. How could it have been easier?  Make the flyer into a magnet?  A post-it?

3. How could we have encouraged it?  Add “Share a with your office?” in the copy?

4. What would increase the quantity of sharing? Multiple discount cards?  Little tear-off bits on the flyer?

Tons of people ask me about the difference between BtoC and BtoB word of mouth. (I don’t think there’s much.)  The key idea for BtoB: Why do people share something at the office.

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