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Why do so many dry cleaners get bad reviews?

Because we never think to post a review until they screw up.

Dry cleaning is such an everyday activity that reviewing doesn’t seem worth the trouble — until we’re angry and want to shout.

This is a problem for every small business owner. They obsess about the bad reviews, and miss the real point: Why don’t they have more good reviews? Hundreds of happy customers walk out of the door every day — it only takes a handful to change the reputation of the store.

What you should do:

  • Ask. Remind customers that reviews are important to your small business and you appreciate their help. Let them know that a positive review is a meaningful gesture to support their favorite local business. Just ask nicely — nothing fancy needed.
  • Do something review-worthy. Provide an extra service, do something silly, be unusual, or be remarkable. (See my book for ideas.) You need to catch their attention to get them eager to tell their friends.

(Do not offer an bribe, reward, discount, or deal for reviews. It’s just creepy and will backfire.)

You are very good at making customers happy. It’s a simple matter to turn that into online love.

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