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How to create word of mouth on zero budget

We’re bringing together an incredible group of word of mouth marketers for our Word of Mouth Crash Course in Austin on May 10. We’re featuring 12 how-to classes, 12 real-world case studies, and 6 brilliant authors – all in one thrilling day.

One of our speakers is word of mouth legend Saul Colt who will be teaching a class on how to create word of mouth on zero budget. As a preview, we asked him to share an overview of his class and a few of his tips on how to get people talking on shoestring budgets. A few things we covered:

  • Why just because you can’t compete on budget doesn’t mean you can’t still win with cleverness, resourcefulness, and creativity.
  • One of Saul’s all-time favorite word of mouth examples that he’s told hundreds and hundreds of people about – something that didn’t cost a thing.
  • Why when you’re brainstorming, your first idea should involve a giant robot and you should work backwards from there.

Listen to Saul’s interview:

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