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Why I don’t tweet much anymore

Except for the auto-tweet that goes out with my daily blog posts, I rarely use Twitter (and don’t do much on Facebook either).

I’m a fan and a believer, of course, and support it thoroughly as CEO of

But there aren’t enough hours in the day for entrepreneuring, raising kids, trying to be not fat, and raising my work family. And an occasional bit of fun.

We all have to make a choice on how we best contribute to our community given the time we have. And I decided that a blog post each day (plus my work) was enough. So I write one well-thought-out post at a time and share it.

The world will be no better or worse off without my stream of thoughts and comments in real-time, and it’ll be much better off without my spontaneous bad jokes.

Not being in the real-time social media flow means that I’ll miss stuff, and some people will think that I’m a social media snob.

But cutting out the real-time conversation has given me back time to think, reflect, and do better work. Which I hope is enough for anyone who cares to take a look.

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