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Word of Mouth Mailbag: Ridiculous but Readable

Mitch Levy of publisher Happy About gave me a fake $1,000,000 bill at a trade show.

Silly – yes. But I read the promotional copy on the back.

I like small, portable messages. No one wants to read your 12-page brochure at a trade show. But they will read a few sentences that are presented well. 

Stick to small things:  Flyers, business cards, bookmarks, etc.  They are easy to pass out, cheap to print, and you can stuff 300 in your pocket.  And they work better. 

Lesson:  You’ve got a big problem if you can’t tell your story in a few sentences. Fix your brand or your marketing department if you can’t answer "We do …." in one sentence, with no jargon.




The Word of Mouth Mailbag features great word of mouth thingys that people have sent me or were gathered in my travels. Send me stuff (address)… I’ll shamelessly blog anything that demonstrates great marketing — or is cool, goofy, or fun. See the full list here.

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