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Word of Mouth Mailbag: Apologizing with style

I love (as all my readers know by now).

They do great printing for a great price — with amazing hands-on personal service.

Of course, everyone screws up on occasion.  Recently, they shipped an order to the wrong address.  They promptly apologized, waived the shipping, and refunded part of the printing cost.  And did some top-quality groveling. I appreciated it.

Then Drew Seibenick of PFL’s Silver Team did even better:  He sent me this pretty cool necktie.  Totally unnecessary, but appreciated.  And it’s not a tacky promo item; it has a tasteful pattern that happens to be their logo. 

I’m a happy customer … and I’m sure I’ll be telling this story every time I wear it.  The tie is a guaranteed word of mouth generator.

Lesson: It’s not the mistakes, it’s how you handle them that counts.


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