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Word of mouth doesn’t have to be about your product

image This is a blog post about Chrome, Google’s new browser.

The fact that I’m writing it is interesting, because I don’t cover tech or write about software.  So why did I chose to talk about it?

Because I read this cool comic book that they produced that explains why their browser is different.

Word of mouth marketing lesson #1:  Sometimes the word of mouth topic isn’t the product, it’s a simple extra thing that causes conversations.

I didn’t read the press releases, I never would have blogged a tech document, and if I did, I wouldn’t have shared it with you.

But I read about the comic on Dan Roam’s blog (another guy who doesn’t cover tech). Google gave him a reason to talk, which gave me a reason to talk, and so on.

Word of mouth marketing lesson #2: Your reason to talk doesn’t have to be relevant to the brand message, just interesting.

Dan and I are blogging about Chrome because we’re interested in the marketing technique more than the product.  And our word of mouth is as good as that from the core software review community–maybe better because we reach a different audience.

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