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Word of mouth referrals, and being green

My #1 bit of word of mouth marketing advice is always: Put a tell-a-friend form on every page of your web site.

You have a real live person, who wants to refer you to a friend.  Make it easy. It’s a magic moment in marketing.


  • That referral gets you a real lead, worth at least as much as leads pay to get from other marketing
  • The lead probably converts at a much higher rate, because it comes with a personal endorsement
  • It’s free

Here’s a great example of how easy it is.  Try out this instant tell-a-friend form from Eco-Safe. The green message (email instead of printing) is nice.

(Thanks for the tip, Krishna De)

[contact-form-7 id="27185" title="contact-form 3 TellAFriend-Post"]