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Word of mouth marketing is easier than you think

david spark Take a listen to an audio interview I did with David Spark for his Be The Voice blog. He also added a great writeup.

Click for audio. Click to read the text.

My favorite parts:

  • If you have a strong personal brand or corporate brand it supersedes whatever the hot product of the day is.
  • Launching word of mouth marketing requires marketers to stop thinking about what can I get for my budget.
  • Once you start talking to people and they start talking back, you can never put that genie back in the bottle.
  • Word of mouth is a function of customer service.
  • For word of mouth to work, you need talkers, topics, and tools.
  • It’s so easy to apply a little effort and get little successes to create a business case for word of mouth marketing.
  • Unbury that hidden statistic that shows that a huge percentage of your customers come to you for free. Compare word of mouth marketing costs to search engine marketing costs.
  • Could one person sitting on Twitter be more functional if they were on the phone?
  • Find the heroes within your company and the simple wins.

Thanks, David.

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