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Rating the raters

imageDo we trust the word of mouth from people who post online reviews?  In general, yes, although there are often a few a) suspicious/fake posts from marketers and b) idiots/asses.

So how do you fix it? Use the power of reviews to review the reviews. 

  • Amazon: Users rank the reviews as helpful or not, comment on the reviews, and report spam.  Amazon lists the most helpful reviews first (not the most recent).
  • YouTube: Next to each review is a "thumb up/thumb down" choice and a "report as spam" link.  When you look at comments on a video, those with too many thumbs down are filtered out.

How can you let your customers handle quality control of the content on your site?

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  1. Chris Thilk January 6, 2009 at 9:47 am #

    In the community we have certain members who have been designated as “Mavens” within the member ranks. These are often the people who have compiled a solid reputation for pointing people to worthwhile movies. Anyone can designate someone they’re following as a Maven. So it’s very much a reward for having proven yourself useful to others, not something someone can do themselves.
    By making it a very personal process and coupling it with an active community management team/strategy I think we do a good job of weeding out the few miscreants who pop up and rewarding the active users who are making the site better as a whole.
    –Chris Thilk, Director of Marketing,

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