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You are not your customer

Great advice from A+E Networks CEO Nancy Dubuc, who has been breaking records with shows like Duck Dynasty and Ice Road Truckers.

She says that eschewing the cultural obsessions of her neighbors on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, where she lives, and Nantucket, where she summers, is essential. “Living in New York or Los Angles is not where most of the country is living,” Dubuc says. “We recognize that we are not the average audience. Doing the kinds of jobs we do, earning the salaries that we do, is not what most of the country is doing. The certain path to failure is assuming that television is for us. It’s really not.”

As a marketer or entrepreneur, whatever you think is interesting is almost definitely NOT what millions of customers think. Remember that you’re not your market — and what you think is interesting is almost definitely wrong. You’re the weird one.

It’s one of the reasons why you can ignore 98% of the high-tech startups out there. Techie entrepreneurs building toys for techie entrepreneurs is a small universe of customers.

Duck dynasty

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