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Zillions of free employees: Google Image Labeler

Google wants to add tags to all the gazillion images that they have indexed, to improve search results.

So they’ve asked the public to sign on and help tag the photos.

The genius part?  They’ve turned it into a video game. You get points for ideas, there’s head-to-head competition, and a top-score listing.  And it’s fun.

How does it work?

You’ll be randomly paired with a partner who’s online and using the feature. Over a two-minute period, you and your partner will:

  • View the same set of images.
  • Provide as many labels as possible to describe each image you see.
  • Receive points when your label matches your partner’s label. The number of points will depend on how specific your label is.
  • See more images until time runs out.

After time expires, you can explore the images you’ve seen and the websites where those images were found. And we’ll show you the points you’ve earned throughout the session.

You should definitely try it:

Lesson:  Fun can be more powerful than compensation.

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