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Aha! #7: Social media strategy from Paula Drum of H&R Block

BlogWell New York We’re gearing up for our next BlogWell: How Big Businesses Use Social Media event on April 29 in New York — and in doing so, we’re sharing a bunch of presentations from our last BlogWell. I’m always amazed at the ideas and stories that are shared by some of the biggest companies in the world at BlogWell, and these videos give a good taste of that.

To hear case studies from Nokia, GE, Johnson & Johnson, Tyson Foods, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and Turner Broadcasting System at BlogWell New York, click here to register and learn more.

Special thanks to our lead sponsor, nGenera, for help making BlogWell possible.


Paula Drum’s big idea: “ROI” = “Risk Of Ignoring”

In this presentation, Paula covers how to keep in touch with thousands of clients, H&R Block has expanded its marketing outreach by using social media to stay with the times and their customers, and shares some of the breakthrough ways H&R Block has connected and engaged with existing and new clientele.

One of Paula’s key points is that getting internal support for social media is a continuous process that requires leaders to constantly educate the organization about changing consumer behavior, and that everyone must always be aware of the real ROI: The “Risk Of Ignoring.”

(Click the video below to watch the case study. To see the slides and audio of this presentation, click here.)

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