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Ivan Merc at the Hyatt Regency Columbus: You’re one cool dude

As a professional speaker I spend a lot of blurry time on the road.  This is one of those trips where I couldn't remember where I was headed until I got to the airport and a ticket popped out of the kiosk that said "Columbus" (Ohio, I presume).

I get to the Hyatt Regency Columbus and I discovered that I forgot my gym shorts.  All the stores are closed.  I have no car.

So I call the front desk and ask if they can help. 

Ivan Merc from housekeeping actually drove to Target and bought me a pair of shorts. He just did it. I didn't ask, he offered. No service charge, no markup.

I'm still a little stunned.   A hotel employee went shopping for me.

Ivan – thanks.

Hyatt – you're now my #1 hotel. 

Lesson: Word of mouth is easy. You earn it by being nice to people.

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