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Ivan Merc at the Hyatt Regency Columbus: You’re one cool dude

As a professional speaker I spend a lot of blurry time on the road.  This is one of those trips where I couldn't remember where I was headed until I got to the airport and a ticket popped out of the kiosk that said "Columbus" (Ohio, I presume).

I get to the Hyatt Regency Columbus and I discovered that I forgot my gym shorts.  All the stores are closed.  I have no car.

So I call the front desk and ask if they can help. 

Ivan Merc from housekeeping actually drove to Target and bought me a pair of shorts. He just did it. I didn't ask, he offered. No service charge, no markup.

I'm still a little stunned.   A hotel employee went shopping for me.

Ivan – thanks.

Hyatt – you're now my #1 hotel. 

Lesson: Word of mouth is easy. You earn it by being nice to people.

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  1. Ryan Stephens April 28, 2009 at 7:00 pm #

    Andy – I love this, and the thing is, the best companies do it. Perfect example is the employee from Nordstroms (or was it Neiman Marcus?) that went out and warmed up someone’s car for them during a cold winter.
    Stories like that spread far, and fast.
    The thing is, and it’s the same thing I told my customer service professor in graduate school, “It’s common sense.”
    He said, “You’re right it is, and most people don’t have it.”

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