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Big Idea: Making Customer Service Sharable

How can your customers tell a friend about a great customer service moment?  You help them out on the phone, then the call is over.  If it went badly, the customer yells and blogs.  If it went well, nobody ever knows.

Here’s how to make customer service sharable:

You get word of mouth when you make it easy.  Nothing gets forwarded
more than an email message.  So … give everyone who calls tech
support a great email message to pass along.

After every single call, send a summary and a thank-you.  Put something in the customers’ hands that they can pass on to their friends.

  1. Say "thank you"
  2. Email them a summary of the call, or a link to a web page that explains the answers. Every time I call MediaTemple, my web host, they always send a link to a knowledge base article with more detail.  I always forward that link to a friend who might have a similar issue.
  3. Give them a coupon or gift that they can share.

By the way … stop ending calls with "can we send you a short survey?" It’s a selfish request.  I just got finished with my problem, and now you’re already asking me to do something for you.  Just thank me instead of pressuring me to do your market research for you.

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