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Flat Top Grill: Thank yous are nice

I got this great email from the Keene Addington, CEO of one of my favorite Chicago restaurants, the Flat Top Grill

Businesses make changes all the time, but they rarely take a moment to thank their customers…or even tell them what’s going on.  Good communications is always important, especially a good thank-you.

I’m much more likely to respond to this email than a generic promotion.  Remember: Your customers care about your business. Let them in and share.

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Thank You


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Thank you very much for your response to our annual

survey. We have listened to your comments and have

taken action to help serve you better. As we strive

to make each of your visits enjoyable, we have made

additions to assist you, stirred up the menu to reflect

your favorite offerings, and made appropriate changes

to serve you better.


We are always looking for ways to enhance your dining

experiences with us and you replied with excellent ideas.

With your feedback, we have added more recipes to our

table menus to lend a hand in creating the perfect stir-fry.

You responses have shown us that the colored stick options

are the tool that you use most to customize your stir-fry.

We have kept in mind that the end of the line can be

puzzling and are working on ways to help ease your mind

and excite your taste buds. As a result of your great

ideas, we will be implementing simplified colored stick

signage toward the end of this year to further aid you

in your efforts to make a fresh and delicious stir-fry.


We continue to take the price of our offerings into

consideration and have not increased entree, appetizer or

dessert pricing since the end of 2004 to ensure that we

present you with affordable dining. We now offer a single

serving alternative to our ever-popular Triple Chocolate

Storm dessert priced at $3.99. There were various reactions

as to how our Asian Taste appetizers influence your dining

experience with us. With what we have learned, we know

your favorite Asian Taste and are simplifying the menu for

you. We now offer our signature Shrimp Ashley Rangoon and

have reintroduced Grilled Edamame for your enjoyment.


We continue to receive very positive comments from you and

appreciate your feedback. With your best interest in mind,

we have advanced our training and development programs to

reach the pinnacle of food and service execution for you.

We continue to focus on your total experience to guarantee

that every visit exceeds your expectations by renewing our

stores decor including food lines, updated bathrooms, new

banquettes, and modernized dining rooms with inviting new



Again, thank you for all your extraordinary feedback on our

annual survey. Your insightful comments and great ideas

always help us to better serve you with an incredible

create-your-own experience.




Keene Addington

CEO and Founder of Flat Top Grill


Chicago – North Ave.

319 W. North Ave.

Chicago IL – 60610


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