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Cheesy, but effective

My team got me a great birthday present: A 3-month subscription to the cheese-of-the-month club from Antonelli’s Cheese Shop in Austin.

The cheese was amazing. But so was this follow-up from Kendall Antonelli, the owner. It defines genuine, human, and good-old-fashioned great marketing.

Hi Andy!

We wanted to send a thank you for participating in our Cheese of the Month Club (and to Kurt for giving it to you and Evelyn for helping with delivery!). We hope you’ve found the cheeses and pairings delicious, decadent, and delightful and that you were potentially exposed to new cheeses you hadn’t yet tried before. These past three months were the first installment of our Cheese of the Month Club offered to customers, and we greatly appreciate any feedback you would like to provide. In case you need any assistance, below are a few questions that would help us create a better program. Feel free to ignore them or use them!

Regarding the ordering/welcome process:  Did you enjoy giving/receiving the “Welcome to the COMC” information in a cheese box?

Regarding the products: Did you find that the quantity of cheese was adequate? Depending on the cost of cheese, we were able to provide more or less of the product. Did this make a difference to you?

Did you enjoy the information provided on the menu card and find it both educational and entertaining?

Which was your favorite month and why? (Jan=sheep cheese, Feb=bloomy-rind cheeses, Mar=cheeses to pair with beer/wine)

Regarding the process:  We contacted you the week prior to schedule pickup times. Was this suitable to you? Did you prefer email or a phone call? Was your goodie bag ready when you arrived to pick it up and how did you feel about the pickup process? The goods came in a stamped bag with a bow and menu. Would you prefer an alternative presentation of the goodies?

Thank you so much again for your support of our Cheese Shop and for your love of good, artisanal cheese! We hope to see you in the Shop again soon for some more tastings!

Kendall (& John)

P.S. If you would like to renew your membership, please find additional information and pricing on our website or feel free to contact me!

Do you put this much love and care into your customer relationships? Do you work this hard to impress and keep a customer? Do you ask smart questions and show your interest in what customers think?

P.S. The cheese was fantastic. I did not share.

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